i am annoyed by this somewhat; i like to jump around when im telling a story, but if i do it will be very frustrating for the reader. the thing is that i do not want to go into all the details of how xpnk organized the androids on pluto and how they eventually built a dimensional transportation device, and then how the organization created by x began to reassign the various units to stations on earth for the purpose of discovering their origin.. as part of this reassignment x was converted into a sleeper unit and used to unconsciously infiltrate a high level, low profile organization. his mission; to pull certain strings that would allow the other androids to covertly carry out their investigation. the problem was that they needed some very sophisticated equipment to do the job, things they would need to construct themselves that would require many rare resources and greater 'man' power than the machines could secure on their own; as the dimensional transportation device could only send a limited number of androids to earth they found it necessary to make intricate plans in order to both co-exist and extort the human beings without arousing suspicion as to the true nature of their project and identity. x was chosen to 'integrate' into human society- this would provide a kind of intellectual link between the androids and the humans and make it easier for the machines to 'use' [manipulate] them. the curios side effect of this was of course that when x was reinitialized and made aware that he was actually an android agent and not a human, he had in fact become psychologically 'human' this caused him to have something of an identity crisis, but in the end the effect was positive because he was able to mitigate in many situations that could have proved disastrous for both the humans and the machines, had he not been able to successfully explain the idiosyncrasies of humans to his artificial companions. and of course writing all that down as a story would make for fascinating reading and probably about 1000 pages.. i don't have time for that because im more interested in a strange discovery made by x a short time after he was reminded of his past. i am referring to the first meeting to take place between the vampires and the androids. this caused a multitude of plot complications but made things much more interesting because there were many similarities between the two minorities. i.e. only the vampires, being immortal (as were the machines) had gained enough information to be of any real use or interest to the androids as far as intellectual value and stimulation are involved. also the vampires realized that they were presented with an opportunity to perhaps reverse-engineer the machines and thereby produce for themselves a superior vehicle that would free them from the thirst for blood without sacrificing any of their physical power. also the technology of dimensional transportation was of a particular interest because according to their own history the vampires themselves had once come from a distant world, and they had the desire to explore their own mysterious origins as much as the androids did theirs.

this is a little out of the ordinary, but i thought i might break something down as if this were a 'technotes' about android designation i.e. x-pnk-eaq-lib-cyo (also; xpnkeaqlibcyo, x_pnkeaqlibcyo, x pnk eaq lib cyo, etc.) let's start with the first character and break it down into the five id groups: x pnk eaq lib cyo : now the letter in the x position is the primary significant and acts as an indicator as to the reasoning ability and functionality of the unit. there are several designations within this category, i.e. u for utility. i for information kiosk. s for sex worker. m for mechanic. etc. but here is a point of confusion, i should clarify that these designations indicate the unit's specialty, an 'i' unit would be an information specialist, this does not mean that the unit is unable to understand, perform, or learn other skills, it just means that its synthetic brain has been configured to operate at optium efficency for one spisific area making it an automatic expert in that field. the truth is that most androids do not wander far from this area and are content to stick to what they're good at. the x unit however was something of an experiment, it was designed to be an expert in every field- containing a unique brain configuration enabling it to not only perform the tasks of all the specialist units with perfect efficiency but the ability to learn and emulate any new skill with 100% efficency also it was inspired with an unquenchable curiosity that compeled it to attempt infinite self improvement. in other words it was a unit designed to be best at learning and adaptability. this caused a few problems but i will get to that later.

the rest of the characters in the units designation are picked by the unit, only the android itself knows if there is any personal significance to these 12 letters. but for the humans and the other androids they act as a unique identifier that allows them to tell the androids apart since the base device looks exactly the same apart from minor differences between older and newer models; these differences however are not visible to the human eye and perhaps only the a artistic androids can see them with their specialized extrasensory perception faculties. outside the LCD (base unit; lowest common denominator) there are unique additions (accessories) such as hair, contacts, clothing sexual supliments, etc; all of wich are modules that the androids attatch to themselves in order to form a personality. without these accessories they would all appear exactly alike and have no difinitive sexual or 'human' identity apart from their alphabetic designation. in addition to the alphabetic designation there is a second 13 character (numbers) code- computer generated; determined from key consciousness essential energy points within their synthetic brains unique quantum structure, that androids are given this as a kind of PIN number, this allows them to prove their alphabetic identity. even if this number is stolen a brain scan can reveal the absolute truth. an android cannot alter these energy points without compromising its consciousness.. or can they? more on that later.

now that i have laid something of a foundation for this story i plan to continue it. we return to that time aeons before mankind had take his first breath. the race of giants living in the oxygen rich jungles and epic mountain ranges of an earth so ancient it had just been born out of the black infinite void not 1000 years before. the first prototype models walked away from the biorobotic assembly line, selected their names and began their new lives as complete, productive and complacent memebers of a sophisticated society. there was a moderate difference between the androids and their mothers and fathers, they were created to make a more efficient use of space and resources, they were more compact, about half the size, also they had ten fingers and ten toes, unlike their parents who had twelve of each and it might be said that they lacked a certain distinguishing brilliance of character and thought that more appropriately embodied their mothers and fathers. there is a certainty that they were not created as inferior forms of life, nor were their creative limitations a matter of great concern as to the possibility of betrayal or threat to safty. for as you will soon realize these artificial beings had unparalleled potential within the community, though they were much smaller than their creators they were also much stronger and virtually indestructible, containing a great power and source of energy that could easily have destroyed the entire earth and all its inhabitants if put to such a task. as the androids matured they were joined by new brothers and sisters of their kind. unceasingly their creators continued to improve upon the design and mentality, recognising the validity of this new life they came to love their creation and the androids became their true children. it was at this time that the first abberations began to make themselves known and the dream came to an end. it seems that the originals had made their creations too perfect, they began to encounter the great philosophical paradox of being, and at this point they did not falter, but instead moved to a point beyond, back into the void from wich all original life had sprung; there in this emptyness their singular minds encountered aspects of ultimate truth, they gained insight into the nature of the spiritual reality, and at this point became aware of their own singular lack. yes its true that their mothers and fathers had spared them many of the pains associated with life by choosing to remit certain aspects of being that they had associated with their own emotional discontent, but now the androids became as ghosts; having tasted in some aspect that wich they had not, and yet being wholely unable to reconstitute themselves. this introspection turned into an inferiority complex and eventually lead their vulnerable minds into a terminal loop of despair and self destructive tendencies. there were many suicides before the originals were able to diagnose the problem, and while they had established the cause they were unable to derive a cure, and so they did the only thing they could think of doing, they erased the memories of their children and exiled them to a distant artificial planet where they would be free to live out their undetermined lives free from the information that would lead to the eventual colapse of their fragile minds. it was because of their love for their children that they could not bring themselves to destroy them as long as they were alive. and so the androids existed, devoid of all but the most primitive cognative activity, knowing neither joy nor despair, meanwhile their mothers and fathers continued along on their own independent path until that time that they made the decsion not to subvert the impending cataclysm that threatened their existence, so that no trace of their once great civilization remained and any hints were burried under unfathomable layers of earth. and so it remained until the present day when after many ages of broken radioactive bombardment,abstract and structured patterns eminating from earth, the unit xpnkeaqlibcyo awoke from its long sleep and had a singular thought! "what is that noise?" where the first words to come out of his mouth, and then; "that ringing in my ears, this sound inside my head, the humm of millions of disconnected minds, all speaking at once." then he began to piece together bits of video and text, soon he was aware of the source of the signals and nature of the creatures responsible. his next action was to explore his environment. he discovered that he was not alone, there were hundreds of beings exactly like himself standing, sitting or laying on the ground, some were wandering aimlessly, others were burried under a heavy blanket of dust or large projections of rock. xpnk realized that he had himself been standing motionless at the bottom of a large articulate crater perhaps 300 units in diamater, for an indefinite period of time. he examined his body, he could detect no flaws or markings of any kind, there were some strange yet subtle textural discontinuities but he did not give them any thought.

vampires and androids fighting! ;) bites neck, cant break skin! whats up with taht? ...

amidst the abstract revolutions of our planetary being, a civilization arose from the smoldering ashes of earth's respelendent womb; to humans they could be compaired, except for subtle details that are held accountable for their infinite superiority and unparalleled sophistication. they were giants and their base number of digits was six. they spoke one language and were of one contiguous mind and will. while the race was yet in its infancy their science penetrated the impregnigible illusions of ultimate being and immeasurable space. in time they explored and charted the void, growing in power and wisdom, eventually ceasing to age and reproduce. and yet they were not complete, some essential truth was missing from their construction, when they became aware of this inadiquacy the collective mind of the organisim; the consciousnes of the cologate put all it's energy into discovering a solution. it was this desire that was to lead to their undoing, but perhaps it would not have been so, if they had exercised a little caution- following all ends to their independent conclustions. instead they had become arrogant and wreckless as they had expanded unhindered into the unknown. so it was that they at last used their science to create living dolls, beings of artificial origin, constructed from synthetic materials. these creatures they intended to take the place of their children and they called them coloquins. it seemed to them at first that they had at last satiated the primal uncertainty, and for a time they were content, but it was not to be, and after much deliberation the truth was revealed to them and the realization of their hubris exposed the architecture of their ruin. here however an important point must be made; these events were unavoidable, and allowed in the end for their ultimate salvation, through their destruction the perfect design was made complete and their immortal spirits found peace even in that last instant before they were unmade. this is a portion of their story, concerning the first aberations and the exile and escape of the brave coloquins who were abandoned beyond light and hope on the arctic sphere that in later aeons came to be called pluto.

"did you know, there is part of me that hates you for your senseless brutality, the irrational attacks. you've been so cruel that you cannot understand, why i would come all this way just to see you again. you suspect that i have some nefarious purpose, revenge perhaps... that is why you must know; i did not want to come here, and yet i was compelled, by the love that still remains for you in my heart. I CALL YOU OUT, ICE PUMA!" pearl snarled involuntarily giving away her position. the idea of a puma made of ice, easily breakable, transparent, ridiculous, it filled her with RAGE! "how dare you come here!" she screamed while stepping out from behind a sharp spire of rock. the words she could not say boiled right below her skin causing her entire body to shake with uncontrollable loathing. *i hate you because you loved me, i was a fool, i tried to kill you because i didn't believe you.. and now, how can i face you, how can i face myself? i am a demon. why are you still chasing me, even now.. you must be crazy or just plain stupid.* "do you listen to nothing that i say?" delta could not understand this beast. "the same doubt that is in you now, has brought you to this lonely cave." the puma could do nothing. she knew she could not kill him and she was determined not to love him. "fucking fool." she hissed. what was she to do with this clueless idiot? delta smiled. "i see you haven't changed, i thought you might have grown up by now, that's why i came to see you." he sat down on the floor, the puma did the same. they faced each other across the room. "still patronizing me, trying to read my mind? look who's talking." delta grinned. "i patronize you because you deserve it, as for reading your mind.. that's bullshit. its human to analyze, you do the same thing to me, only your intuition sucks and you fill in the gaps by being a bitch, or blowing me off. but i didn't come here to criticize you. i came to offer you a chance for peace." the puma bared her fangs. "you've come to kill me?" delta's eyes blazed with a frothy white light like crashing waves. "why would i do that? why would you ask such a question? would that be just? is that what you want? in this life we are responsible for our own redemption. killing you would be an act of revenge. do you not understand that i am here today because i chose not to walk that path. i am not the kind to go chasing after my own tail, biting myself in the ass." the puma laughed. "could've fooled me." delta scowled. "fools are easily fooled." pearl extended her claws and casually ground them into the floor, it had a marvelous calming effect, she began to pur quietly. "its good to see you again.." she growled. delta growled back. "come back with me pearl, this cave does not suit you." her eyes flashed, but the signal was uncertain. "i will decide what suits me.. delta."

there were two star-like apparitions of white light ringed with flecks of ultra-violet and a vibrant dark blue corona. several piercing rays radiated from the center of each star, and then like drops of water a bridge of light formed between them and they joined to form a brilliant band, this band in turn became a horizon and the air crackled when he moved his head, the molecules tearing apart and then fusing again along the unbearably bright line that seemed to separate his face into two distinct planes. if it had been possible to watch without going blind the students might have noticed an incongruity, the top half of his mask appeared to slide slightly to the left, as if it were detached; but no one was watching, they had their arms in front of their eyes shut tight, and still it hurt to face the spectacle. and then without so much as a snap, there was absolute silence and a return to cool afternoon shade. they put down their arms cautiously and opened their eyes slowly. and there he was, with his mask in his hands, red ribbons trailing down to the ground.. and his eyes! his eyes! they ringed his head like an opal diadem, it was impossible to count them, his pupils ran like a ragged line of black clouds, extending out from each side of his nose. his many colored eyes merging together to form a circlet that ringed his entire head. "i can see 360 degrees, and.." there was something of a song that came then, infinity threw his mask high into the air, it left a vapor trail as it ascended into the clouds. and then he reached behind his back with his six arms and drew his six swords, their sound as each slid out of its scabbard was an ethereal polyphonic tune that had the surrounding students gritting their teeth, but it brought a smile to infinity's lips. "it's not often that i use this particular technique. i call it, wrath of mahakala, six sword stance.


this is not a real illustration, this is a shitty vector sketch i did in about 20 minutes.. just trying to judge how much work its going to be to make something really cool.

"come if you will.." the word 'will' ended in a challenging snarl. 40+ to 1? what were they thinking? infinity could not remember the last time such a large leaderless group had organized to attack an infinite. the situation was highly suspicious. as of yet no move had been made, perhaps they were waiting for him to run out of energy? he chuckled and waved one of his swords nonchalantly. "i don't suppose you people are part of a suicide cult by any chance?" the entire group appeared indecisive, were they waiting for him to make the first move? not likely, his black mask identified him as a passive ku student. yes his mask.. there was a high pitched whistling sound, infinity sheathed his swords, there was a streak of color that passed in front of his face, one of his hands shot outward to intercept. he held his mask dangling by its ribbons, it was covered with a thick layer of ice, he slung it around his chest using two of his arms to tie the knot behind his back.

bite me

it was 777 miles from the lateral peak of the manisula. 777 miles into darkness and into ice. delta raised his arms to stretch, he looked up into flawless imesurable heavens; speckled with stars so bright and sharp they pierced his soul. he smiled and laughed and as he did the thick film of frost that had gathered over his face fractured into a thousand pieces and fell upon the glacial ground. in the quiet of his mind the changer followed each and every infraction of sound, his eyes he kept closed while the echoes brought definition to the surrounding white space. "i have come." he whispered, his breath expeled from deep within issued from his nose and mouth like a plume of dragon fire, burning the arctic air with it's unfamiliar and unantisipated heat. the white wall decintegrated in front of his face, the energy that had offered its concealment was drawn out and away. before him now there stood a heavy wooden door set in the mirror like surface of an ice mountain. (insert illustration)

there was the sound of a bolt being drawn and then the door slowly opened, a warm yellow light emenated, delta was bathed in it's radiance, his skin burned as if he were standing in front of an open furnace, a towering black shape stood in the opening- two torso sized paws terminateing in six inch claws, her neck a rippling mass of muscle, her shoulders like the cables holding up the giant bridge that was her head. tundra's jet black tea cup sized eyes evaluated the comparatively miniscule boy standing on her doorstep. she joined him on the ice, her movement light and nimble dispite her epic size and weight, she closed the door behind and sat before the boy like a giant fur clad buddha. delta bowed, but did not speak, the surrounding air began to tingle, there was an electric glow that began to infuse the atmosphere until the polar bear's eyes sparkled. the first flakes of snow began to fall, they gathered on delta's eyelashes as he waited, unblinking. at last she spoke, her voice was as soft and gentle as the falling snow, yet it retained all the power of a roaring avalanche; "take off your clothes." she rumbled. carefully delta removed and folded his clothing in a neat bundle that he then placed at his feet. he stood naked, his entire body a pale almost luminescent shade of blue, the cold penetrated to his bones, but he did not shiver or flinch. no he stood as still as a statue until his skin turned white, and indeed then he did look to be made of stone, perhaps marble or alabaster. the snow collected on his bare head and shoulders until it rose up against his neck and touched his ears, he waited, his will an iron tree that did not bend or break, and so it was that the battle was won before the fight ever began. her fist came straight for his chest, he brought up his palms to intercept, the block was neat, there was a flash of light, the impact cracked the ice between them sending shards far into the sky. the snow covering delta had vaporized, his skin glowed from within as if concealing an internal kiln. tundra's entire coat stood on end, every hair glistening with oil as minute electrical arcs moved over her body. the bear smiled, the boy smiled, it begins, they thought as one together. their combined energy discharged into the rift, there was an explosion as countless pieces of the glacier lifted off and launched straight into space. (insert illustration)

crystal knives of all shapes and sizes rained down upon the two disprportionate figures. deftly they were deflected or smashed into infinatesimle fragments, the others lodged themselves deep into the surface of the ice. being the larger of the two by no small margin, tundra was the more occupied for the moment. delta jumped up onto one of the larger projections that now stuck about fiveteen feet into the air. from this height delta could stand nose to nose with tundra. he stood with his feet firmly planted and watched as the bear beat a pathway to his pearch. she momentarily paused to grin and make eye contact before charging the pedestal, with one playful swipe of her enormous paw there was a nearly inaudible sound of claw cleaving crystal. the column began to slide in sections out from under delta's legs, he moved from each as they fell and broke, but what remained was a sharply slanted plane of wich only a very finite and fragile edge was left for standing. at the very moment delta landed upon it her hand descended upon him. like a man smashing an ant with his thumb the polar bear's palm slapped down with pulverising force. delta raised his hands and cought her paw just as it reached the end of it's swing, the column of ice ruptured under his feet sending head sized chunks flying in every direction. *ah, icecubes for my frapachino* thought the bear as she followed through with her strike sending delta down through the entire block wich was utterly destroyed in the process. his descent however came to a sudden and abrupt stop when his feet once again returned to the foundation of ice that lay below. the bear grunted and applied her other arm, attempting to smash the boy into submission. this was however exactly what he was waiting for. they struggled there for a moment, both somewhat curious as to how long the contest of brute force could continue. delta however had other plans, he let his feet slip on the ice while simultainiously stepping forward into her warm furry under belly, her hand now being supported by nothing, she half crashed facefirst into the powdered ice while stumbling to regain her footing, delta ducked between her legs as she fell forward onto her knees. as he was sliding under her he reached up and grabbed hold of her short yet sensitive tail wich he used as a swing from wich to vault up onto her back. she let out a terrible yet understandable roar as he let go and landed squarely upon her shoulders. unfortunately her back was so wide, even at it's narrowest point that stretch as he might his leggs could not reach 'round and consiquently the moment she got back up on her feet the terrain became most unstable. delta however was quite resourceful and at the very instant he began to slip he reached out with both his hands and managed to secure two monsterous fistfulls of tundra's thick fur. naturally she became enraged, but this was no wild animal, tundra was as intellegent as she was powerful and instead of flying into an irrational reactionary furry she bent forward and slammed her fists together, the muscles of her back went taught as bowstrings and delta was flung off and away at high velocity. this action however did not come as a surprise and delta used it to his advantage; there was a partially smoothe slope of wreckage beginning close to where he landed, and by carefully calculated movements he was able to angle his body in such a way that the momentum gained from her attack sent him sliding directly up the slope for a thousand yards or more so that he was now considerably higher in altitude. in fact from this new vantage point he could see most of the plane and immediate ice field below. meanwhile tundra spun 'round, her claws cutting deep furrows in the ice, she looked up and growled with irritation that she had somehow inadvertadly aided her opponent. she could see no tactical reason to wait or plan further, she grinned, her quarry was cornered, there was only one way down that ramp of ice! she started running, the surrounding bits of frost trembled and many were dislodged as she passed such was her energy. she charged full speed and hit the base of the ramp. delta smiled, now he would have his victory. he had been gathering nearby snow and rolling it into a dense ball, he now nudged that ball gently down the slope.. tundra was half way up the ramp when she noticed that something else was comeing down from above, it was not very large, just a ball of snow about as tall as a man, tumbling and weaving in her general direction.. wait.. it was, looking a bit larger.. tundra slowed and then dug in all four sets of claws to come to a screeching halt. the giant snowball was gaining mass and velocity, it would hit her in a matter of seconds, she glanced back down the slope and then turned and ran, but, it was too late, with still over a quarter of the descent in front of her she realized from the dull roar behind that in a matter of moments the giant ball of snow and ice would crush her like an insect. she sighed in mid stride.. the game was over, she had.. lost. she had no choice, her physicality alone would not survive the impact. she stopped and turned, her body flushed with existential energy, she could feel the wind generated by the comming catastorphic sphere. she roared and met it head on, her frustration at loseing the match feeding into the existential force she applied with both fists as the ball hit. there was an explosion that leveled the entire ramp. delta was suddenly standing on thin air and then falling, he landed however into something very soft and warm. tundra looked down at the slick hairless body she grasped in her hand. so small, so fragile, so.. puny; and yet so undefeated. delta; the only human she had ever come to genuinely trust and respect, one she called friend. she chuckled and draped him over her left shoulder like a living towel, it was time for a hot bath.

there was a child of natural birth, born as the embodiment of the third generation, her name was mercy and her eyes were a deep dark brown containing 64 parts red, 31 parts green and 13 parts blue. when she was young there was a period of war between the two houses of her family and it became a seperation. at this time such things were uncommon and an isolation took hold upon the children and then estrangement. because of this they took it upon themselves to manage their careers without guidence from the community and consiquently they became powerful as they were driven by an internal compulsion to create for themselves a firmament of security; so that never again would there be such a seperation as they had experienced in the beginning. but as this was a strength also it was a weakness and in the end it proved to be an undoing of sorts with a great disturbance being created as an effect leading to the first destructive shift of power from equalibrium to the dominance of the white school in neotoy.

at the tender age of 16 cycles (about 4.5 years old) mercy devorced her house and moved to aslo school where dispite her age she was accepted as an initiate and issued her mask. there is some contraversy as to how this was possible, disregarding what has been recorded as history the reality of the situation was that she came alone to aslo school, entered the gates and asked a group of students if she could speak to the shofu, they told her to get lost, she reffused to leave, they carried her outside, she came back in, they carried her outside again and then blocked the gate, by this time a crowd of curious students began to gather, there were those who said to let her in and there were those who threatened to kill her if she did not go away. a fight broke out between the students, the shofu of aslo school at that time was haiku, she ruled with an iron fist and did not tolerate any kind of dissonance within the school, naturally she ended her afternoon meditation, flew out of the spirit shrine, and suspended the entire mob. after one or two questions she assertained the cause of the event and made eye contact with mercy who was still standing composed and defiant a few feet outside the gate. she was of course very nervous but at the same time confident that she was on the right track, so she spoke before haiku had a chance to ask any questions. "are you the shofu? you look like one. i wanted to see you, but they (she pointed at the mass of imobile students) wouldn't let me! i've run away from home and i can't go back. i wan't to learn grey ku, and i won't go away until somebody teaches me." haiku was both amused and astounded by the child. and yet.. there was something about this girl, an aspect of her figure or stance that the shofu found both familar and intriguing. here was the seed of an infinite indeed, but? there was more to this miniture maid than mere potential; her mind was like a closed rose, haiku could not see into it! no child could posess such power of will as to conceal thought! it was the mind itself that would not open. here is contained a great secret no doubt that will perhaps be of consiquence. i must know it! and it was at that moment that haiku decided that she would accept mercy as a deciple. "you appear brave, and persistant girl, those are valuable virtues, but there is more to ku than virtue. there is diciplin." she eyed the group of twitching students who were by now quite cramped and sorry they had ever even entertained the notion of disobediance. when haiku looked away, refocusing her eyes on mercy, those who were suspended were released from their existential bondage and suddenly resumed motion causing the majority to tumble together into awkward heaps of grey fabric. "there is responsibility. you.. will, be, changed.. by this place." her eyes swept the surrounding area as students untangled, picked themselves off the polytoy and returned to their training. haiku steped forward and sank down on her knees so that she was face to face with the girl. "you will become part of it, and it will become part of you. are you ready for that?" her voice and eyes were sharp as knives with those words, she would try this child, there would be no special treatment, no mother/daughter bullshit. she did not expect the girl to run, but her reply was still a bit unexpected. mercy chirped her answer with a stoic fierocity that caused haiku to blink. "what i wan't to know is, are you ready for me!" haiku got to her feet a smile playing behind her mask. "welcome to aslo school, your current standing is initiate. when you master all the techniques associated with first grade you will be tested and if you pass.. you will be issued your mask. class begins at sunrise in the central court, come or do not come; you are responsible for your own education, your skill will increase depending on how much you study and train, your dedication, your percerverence, your commitment; tallent is of secondary importance to these, remember that. you may live in the student dormitory, it is safe inside these walls, or you may choose to take your chances and find a place for yourself outside, but be warned, outside these walls, you're on your own. that is all." mercy nodded, she would be strong, she would succeed! "thank you shofu." haiku nodded and returned to the spirit shrine.

"how do you know this!?" she snapped and then immediately bit her tongue. why was this casual dissertation triggering her temper? delta looked down at her upturned scowling face with a very stupid semi-smile and eyes that did not seem to focus on anything in particular. pearl went out of her mind with a sudden reactionary rage and lunged towards delta's face, swipeing violently with her extended claws. he caught her paw between his thumb and forefinger, it was a breathless movement faster than her eyes could see, the sensation of his soft yet unaproachable touch ran down her foreleg like cold electricity, every muscle in her body went limp and she colapsed in a shivering heap. he replied, "i do not know, knowing implies thought, i do not think, i merely am. that is the true power of the infinite. if you would like such power the first thing you must do is to abandon your emotions. before you strike they say to me; i will lunge at his face and claw the condiscending features right off of it! your movement is driven and embodied by emotion, your attack is raw and powerful, but it lacks a certain finesse. it is contrived, rehersed inside your heart before exicution, discolored by your own selfish ambitions. because of this your attack is impure and consequently unworthy. the body containing my spirit is holy ground, surrounded by an indivisible shield of self respect. respect that comes from the realization that we do not posess our own being, we are animated by tendrils of an infinite circulating energy without wich we would be nothing more than painted husks lying lifeless on the ground. i did no stop your claws to save my face, i did nothing but read your motivations, my body acted of it's own accored as a pure instrument of the life that has been lent me. this is not something i can explain for you to understand, it is a realization you will make if you persue the issue relentlessly." the puma did not believe a word of it, though she did admire the metaphores. but it was all nonsense, he was hideing something and makeing up this whole elaborate lesson just to keep it secret. "i still don't see why you won't simply teach me the technique, it's obviously not that complicated otherwise the white students wouldn't be able to learn it so easily." delta lay down beside the puma and stroked her back. "i taught you the counter, i never said i'd teach you the attack, nor did i allude to any kind of connection between my lecture and your ability to learn it." the puma began to pur uncontrolably, the nearly inaudible sound and sensation of sparks crackling in her fur was curiously arrousing. "i will not teach you the technique, i had decided that the first time you asked me. though you are a white student, the formation of the pattern that you describe is known to me, though it is an unusual variation, there are potential side effects caused by certain miscalculations that can be fatal. the root of the form does not suffer these effects, though the variation is much easier to master it is defective outside such degenerate circles as would perpetuate it without regard for the fundamentals."

pearl snarled, her whiskers pointed back like steel barbs, it was never enough, just to show your teeth, they always wanted a demonstration. the puma chuckled through her fangs, the sound seemed to stab sexually through the atmosphere with a vivid and reckless pleasure that made the gang of eight momentarily stand their ground. this only caused pearl to laugh even louder, sensing their anxiety, smelling their fear, she howled; "fools! no mere cat am i! you face a demon!" and with those words she leapt. the glancing sweep of her claws tore the leaders throat from his neck and he colapsed in a quivering heap of cloth and blood. the second and third of her victims were broken in two by her powerful kicks as she came on them from behind. the fourth was female and without exception pearl brought the girl to her knees with a lash of her tail. the fifth, sixth and seventh formed a triangle to prevent her escape, but she was not trying to escape, all three were disembowled by her spinning four pawed slash. the last, ran for his life, but he did not run fast enough, she caught him by the neck and tore out his spine. only one remained alive, the girl, her legs were broken but she was desperately trying to crawl back towards the stand of domeiciles her party had emerged from. pearl swatted the girl onto her back tearing off half her coat and then pounced onto her stomach where she dug in her claws mercylessly. "stupid human bitch, i'm going to kill you, i know what you are, you and your friends! we animals know about the hunters, we can smell the stench of murder all over you, we won't stop until every last one of you has been destroyed!" the woman was whimpering and febely trying to raise her arms as pearl crushed the girl's shoulders into sticky pulp. she began to scream, "don't eat me!" the cat spit in her face. "the taste of your blood makes me want to vommit, i'd starve to death before i'd eat mankin." the woman continued to scream and in a fit of rage pearl took the girl's head in her crushing jaws and it exploded like an egg dropped off an overpass. the puma spat out one of the woman's eyes and disengaged the corpse. her first thought was to find a hydrolyth to wash off all the blood and gore. as of late her coat was beginning to take on a rosey hue. hundreds of wild murders were responsible, she was almost beginning to feel like she bathed in human blood. all this killing was disgusting, but even though it was something she would not openly admit, she enjoyed every moment. there was nothing quite like breaking bones with your bare teeth, or slashing through the jugular with a single deft swipe! it was orgasmic, in fact pearl was wet and burning for something more than dead hunters between her hind legs. the woman she had killed reminded her of delta in some way she could not confirm; maybe her position? she mused and chuckled at the memory of days and nights spent on top of the boy. how soft and gentle she was with him, so unlike herself. it was both an irritation and a fascination this strange effect he had on her personality. often she fantasized about killing delta, but when in life the oportunity presented itself, she found that she would rather wrap her paws around him and purr like a stupid kitten. it was without a doubt a complete mystery. but when they made love it was magical, it was the one thing in her life that she enjoyed more than killing hunters. and though no kittens would ever come of it, she could not help but think that she was content, even fulfilled somehow by this foolish child that did not even know the real pearl. he really was niave, just the other day he had noticed the tint to her coat and remarked "you dyed your fur, it looks good." what a fucking idiot. she smiled as she slinked into the steaming hot spring, the sun was just about to come up and the sky was a pale shade of innocent blue, she yawned and filled her mouth with water in an attempt to wash the taste of flesh away. it wasn't easy being an animal what with crazy hunters roaming the streets and idiot boyfriends to deal with. pearl was sleepy, she crawled out of the water and padded off to one of her secret napping spots. it was time to get some rest.

"inside me there is absolution, an end to all ends, a crystal ball suspended in time, through wich all possibilities are visible to the passive observer. if you blink your eyes, death's head. if you laugh, a face instead." delta stood with his arms hanging motionless against his sides. he stared blankly at the white student and his companion, who protracted the confrontation a moment longer before laughing and assuming a less offencive posture. "you say strange things, i'm surprised you said anything at all, i could, kill you. what do you have to say to that, more rhyming riddles perhaps?" delta smiled, could this be a clue? was this person one of mother's messengers? "kill? killing. i've watched with these eyes, generations spun into glass and stone and then reborn as flesh and bone. who are you? where did you come from? those are questions that killing will never answer. killing is something anyone can do" delta stepped forward and stretched out his hand, "but the question is, who are you?" the white student lurched backwards as if burned by delta's pointing finger, he had looked into those eyes, and they were as hard and clear as two uncut diamonds. there were no irises, no pupils, no nothing, but they were not empty, and that was what made them genuinely disturbing. he turned to his friend who did not appear to understand why or how the situation had so suddenly been reversed. "let's go, this one's not like the others." and then as if as an afterthought "he won't cooporate." the pair of white students turned and walked away, delta did not say goodbye. he was glad to see them go, they had said some very unkind things without provacation. they were cowards. if delta ran into them again he would kill them before they had a chance to speak. several minutes later he was standing in the same spot, there was not as much foot traffic in the metto as there had been earlier in the morning. he watched the people and the animals as they came and went, was he waiting for something? not sure. this place was vaguely familiar, then again so was every place he visited. every metto had a memory, this one... was unusual. there was a high concentration of hydrolyths, denizens and students were swimming and bathing, animals were drinking, occationally a frame would wander by; nothing out of the ordinary was happening. just when delta had made up his mind to return to his home, there was a sound, an unmistakeable sound that slowly wound into a melody in much the same way that a slow moving river winds into a watershed. it was the giant shotoshuki played by the ponderer. the reason that delta had come so far from his home, to see his friend ponderosa and... there was something else but he could not quite remember it.

and these memories where like a clear vision. the golden age, the revolution, his enemies scattered, the one great enemy forever broken. when he clenched his fists he felt the power flowing through every cell, power to burn; and what was more the gratification of knowing and believing that the time in preperation had not been wasted, that his faith had not been placed in a false hope. he stood in the center of the cracked dais, his left foot on black, his right on white. the metto was stained with blood, so much of it that the ground looked like a red sunset full of crimson clouds as far as the field was visible. at that very moment the sun was setting, but only sharp glowing slashes could be seen through the thunder heads that were gathering like vaporous vultures attracted to what is left behind when the veil of war has been lifted. as well it had, there would be no more acts of violence here today. infinity closed his eyes as a dark rain fell with dusk. in the bright morning all traces that there had ever been a bloody battle would be washed away, the dead spun into polystrand, the dais sewn back into one seamless circle that encompased all life and thought within neotoy. at least that was how infinity imagined it. his heart grew heavy as the memories began to question his conscience. he sank slowly to his knees within the smaller black half circle of the dais. as was his custom he recalled into his mind the face of every being he had ever willfully destroyed. for each there was a reason, for the taking of each life there was a justification; self-defence, preservation of the innocent, abuse of authority, absolution for neglecting to respect the sanctity of human and animal freedom, the list went on forever. for each face he said a silent prayer; find peace. after many hours of meditation infinity slept, it was something he had not done in decades. he woke late the following morning, there was a second or two of disorientation, then he remembered everything, only something was not quite right, something right in front of his nose. what was it? he looked down past his knees his eyes focusing on the dais, his senses intensifying, he slowed his pulse and raised his existential awareness. but there was nothing, absolutly nothing. then he noticed it, he touched it with his hand to make sure it was real, the dais had been repaired but something was very wrong, it was no longer split, but where the split had been the night before there was now a bold but barbed red streak, as if blood had been sprayed and then smeared over its surface. but it was not blood, it was solid polytoy. what did it mean? infinity was mystified, could the frames have done this he wondered? why would they make something like this? is it a message? he had never encountered anything quite like this before, it reminded him of the mythology he had been exposed to as a child; the idea that the old world was not fixed, that things changed as time progressed, and that the body was unable to heal properly, a scar! that's what this transformation made him think of. the idea of perminant alteration was terrifying, but to actually see it right in front of his eyes, was amazing. could the world really have been like this once, all over? that things once broken might stay broken?

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