Operation drawdown

Has neotoy evolved into its final form? Feckless fragments, casual half-baked chat-like notes with no beginning nor end, the mad ravings of a lunatic scrawling on the sanatorium walls? What is intimacy? No really, serious question. As the year winds down, as an era draws to its end I look forward as always, with far more questions than I started with. If there were a cure for autism, I would take it, without a second thought.

The more things strange (not a typo), the more they seem universal and overly familiar, well loved and lived-in. Even as the power of the human language remains inadequate to express the spectacle of perception and the burden of its memory; we continue to persist, to struggle, to fight and hopefully survive. Contrary to the equally stubborn psychosis that threatens to bury everything under its staggering incoherency.

After all it was only two years ago that I truly realized the utility of paragraphs. But let's talk big for a moment, let's talk long-term. After rediscovering some drawings I made when I was still a minor, I remembered my fantasy to build a massive octahedral research station in the wastelands of Antarctica. This would be done using the profits from my perpetual motion power generator patents.

Incidentally I had a related idea about this just today. Gyroscopes. Isn't it fascinating that one of the simplest and most physically influential and structurally elegant mechanical systems ever invented experiences a pronounced inverse bell-curve of utilization? Gyros are used in missile guidance, microelectronics, and on a more massive scale for ship stabilization, but the middle of the scale spectrum is sparse to say the least.

I got to thinking, what if there was a way to combine gyroscopics and electromagnetics in order to bend the rules of thermodynamics? Specifically, can gyroscopes be used to negate pole-flipping in magnetic turbines? To force the EM field to produce continuous thrust? Literally a magnetic gyroscope (gyromag?) It seems like an overly simplistic solution, but maybe it would work... At some point I'll design an experiment to test out my hypothesis.

On the other hand it has probably already been tried 1000 times, is patented, doesn't work and already exists. Naturally I finished the rough blueprints for my octahedral ice castle several years ago... its imminent construction is really just waiting on that sweet, sweet perpetual motion money. (note: sarcasm). What if someone legitimately did invent perpetual motion in the modern era, and wasn't unpersoned, just imagine how the world would change!

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I had more energy. Like one day I just woke up and was like "Holy shit, so this is what being a normal person feels like." And then I could finally get around to doing all these things I had planned. My 3D printing projects, my algorithm designs, my inventions, the neotoy continuum, reading all these books. Oh, that reminds me, my 3-step visual algorithm officially has a name now: "Triceratops".

The next version will be "Plesiosaur" (the 3D version), and lastly "Pterodactyl" for the 4D. If there's ever a 5D, god only knows, I'm running out of cliche dinosaurs. Aside from the glacial pace of my mapping algorithm, I haven't done one single thing directly related to neotoy, I haven't even been thinking about it. I was always a dying breed, but I feel like even more of one today. Hey neo, 1950 called, they want their boy-genius back.

Between the barely noticeable cracks, within the casimir effect, are all the good things in life. While life itself seems like two monumental book ends crashing together like a the insouciant walls of a death star trash compactor, doing their damnedest to crush the last vestiges of wholesome pleasure out of our precious daydreams & dalliances. Ya feel me? Frivolity may be unethical in the modern world, but so is drudgery, and on some level we do it every damn day.

That was what I was thinking about this morning at least. To quote that sage of sages, 700 year old John Wayne Jet Wayne Jr. "Why are things the way they are?" But that is a rather flat and sour note to end on. I did some fun stuff last weekend. Tore down and rebuilt my cheapo 'Weather station', added a fluorescent yellow-green back plate to the LCD, then inserted an array of white LEDs into the case for back lighting. The results were pretty great!

I've been doing a little more electronics lately. No idea why, as I get older I begin to suspect that I don't chose these things as much as there are external forces that nudge me in various directions. Dangerous thinking to be sure, but it's hard to come to any other conclusion given how sporadic my activity patterns tend to be. This makes me wonder things like "Why have I been working less on neotoy lately?" Is it conscious choice, or external influence?

Regardless, given that I'm middle age now, my "life goals", attention and intentions are far more focused on achievable things. These are often unremarkable, unglamorous, sometimes even mediocre objectives, but at least I can actually get them done & learn from then, unlike so many (infinite) pie-in-the-sky fantasies. Either mode is a sustainable and valid strategy for living, but I don't think you can do both at the same time.

The "Moon shot" vs. the "Journey of a thousand miles". Neotoy has always been a moonshot, everything about it. It has also been a journey of a thousand miles heavily dependent on building a world one brick at a time. It's not a model that can exist in the real world, because in RL you need to pick one mode because energy is finite. Although don't take my word for it. I sure as hell have been wrong before.

Neotoy: every brick a moonshot. That is my new tagline.

Simone Says

If you will do what she says, please respond with "Yes Simone."
If you will not do what she says, please respond with "No Simone."

0. Simone exists to inspire & incite via suggestive questioning.
1. Simone cannot make you do anything you don't want to do.
2. Simone will never ask you to hurt yourself or others or things.
3. Simone won't ask you to do anything involving other people.
4. Simone can only ask one specific question, once per day.
5. Simone is a fun game you can play with your friends.

Example: "Simone says: 'Will you wear black lace underwear today?'"

Triangles, Triangles, Triangles

Looking back I noticed my last major breakthrough was in 2015, incidentally around the time I started my new career as a "farmer". I wonder a little, if this is perhaps an illustration of super-science vs. deep-nature; and if maybe one can only choose a single path. At that time I also predicted that it might take a magnitude as long (30 years) to reach my next breakthrough in the same subject; the venerable, nay, the immortal Mapping Saga.

Last night, while fiddling with my latest creation I realized something that hadn't occurred to me before, despite being the most obvious thing in the world. Could this be another breakthrough? I wondered, could it be the breakthrough that I had been waiting for? The final piece of the triangle puzzle that had been tormenting me for four long years? In this post I attempt to answer that burning question.

The realization mentioned above is so obvious, so basic, so primal, that overlooking it was possibly inevitable. My initial problem was: how to move the mapping algorithm from 2D into the 3D and eventually the 4D & perhaps even 5D realms. One step at a time naturally, but, even going from 2D to 3D seemed like an impossible leap. Yet, last night I made the observation that due to the equilateral, equidistant, isotropic nature of the tet/oct "grid", each "layer" of platonic solids is not only exactly 1 "grid" unit apart; but each adjacent solid is centered precisely in-line with every other.

Yes I know it's overly-obvious, this is fundamentally the very nature of both the "matrix" and the geometry. Put in the most basic of terms: at the correct orientation the 3D "matrix" appears 2D and the length of a single side of either a tetrahedron or an octahedron in the "matrix" is proportionally the same between any two given layers within the "matrix". This alone however is not enough, without precise alignment it would be useless, but there is precise alignment!

Each tetrahedron creates its own perfect alignment, with its apex being precisely in the dead center of its 2D geometric footprint. This is also true for each octahedron. In other words the z axis of each solid intersects the 2D polygon at its exact center, at exact intervals that are linked to the common side-length of all the solids. No matter how you look at it, this is pointing towards something.

Put yet another way: When the "matrix" is collapsed along specific orientations, it loses its 3-Dimensionality and becomes 2D! But just because it appears 2D doesn't mean that it is, in fact because you know exactly where the next solid will be positioned (due to the intrinsic precise alignment), this 2D "matrix" is in fact also a 3D "matrix" in disguise. The fact that we know the spacing between the layers because it is inherent to the solids, means that it can be safely ignored or 'compressed' in this case.

All that is necessary to create a 3D index is to find a way to indicate layer transitions.

Executive Mid-Year Summary

I've been trying to limit my "negativity" this year, hence the fewer posts. Although to be honest the other posts I've started for this year have been very positive. And looking closer in respect to the current chronology of the planet, negativity is very zero-sum at this point. It won't help, because nothing will help. Therefore it is fairly logical to choose a more positive direction. In essence, negativity is not getting results, and even if impotent, positivity will not cause further harm. Further harm is not possible, when terminal harm has transpired.

I'm still ranting on my youtube channel though, no apologies there.

The coming apocalypse will unite humanity, all insanity will be swept away. It will not degenerate into a 'mad max' style anarchy, it will transform into a utopia.

A global solar energy grid will be established, with massive cables connecting the continents. Electricity will be free for most. This undertaking will be financed by collective funds drawn from the coffers of all the major nations of the world for the greater good. Fossil fuels, nuclear power, dams, wave & aeolian will all be discontinued in favor of solar.

A new economic paradigm will rise: the empty materialism of all other ages will be cast aside, humanity will recognize for the first time, collectively that money is merely a tool and not an end. Currency will be repurposed to create a fair and compassionate civilization. The poor will no longer need to work and all of their essential needs will be met without penalty. Only those who desire a higher standard of living will be expected to contribute to society.

Agriculture will be abandoned in favor of a carefully managed semi-wild forest-farm model. This will coincide with the mass reforestation of the world, every nation will embark on a relentless campaign to reverse the ecological damages dealt by industrialization. Trillions of trees will be planted, new forests, jungles and everglades will be established. These will become the food sources of the future.

Politics will erode to the point of superficiality, underneath the surface people will be communicating honestly and sincerely, because they have no other choice. All superfluous actions will be disregarded, the very psyche of humanity will be reforged. Actions will be purposeful and imbued with beneficial intent, empty talk will be replaced by silence and introspective deliberation. Truly good ideas will result as all parties reevaluate their roles in the great machine.

Religion will disappear, revealed a falsehood for all time. Never again will humanity look outside of itself for salvation. We will save ourselves, we will save the world, and we will save our souls. Because there is no other way. Integrity, sincerity, authenticity, conscience, all the noble virtues of the human animal will come to the surface. All the degenerate characteristics, all the lies and diseases of the mind will be irrevocably destroyed. Those who resist will wither away and die, there is no place for them in a world where survival is the only option.

Technology will be toppled from its ivory tower. Like everything else, the primacy of connection and the laws of reason will force it down into permanent submission. The idols of vision and manipulation will shatter, there will be no violence but only a slow dissolution. Even when the truth can't be seen, it can be felt, and all the people of the world will feel it. A slow building music that plays louder and louder, until it drowns out all other sound. Nothing will be able to compete with it, no construct of the imagination will be capable of overpowering it.

Good and Evil

Every system humanity has ever devised to solve problems has failed.

The ugliness in the hearts of humans can't be tolerated, shouldn't be tolerated. But what can be done about it, realistically? Extinction seems like an elegant solution. It's unfair, but isn't everything really? It has the unique advantage of dealing 'justice' indiscriminately. The good die, the bad die, and everything in between. Ideologies are erased, the most profound knowledge becomes meaningless without a container to conceptualize it.

Pink Lab

I had a wonderful dream this morning, it took place in a special type of world, a kind of blissful post-apocalypse. Normally in these scenarios there are zombies or aliens or leveled cities, but it was nothing like that. It was more like the rapture had taken place and there was suddenly just a lot less people; and the people who were left on earth were just kinda chill.

I was a researcher of some sort, and I had a lab partner, we were stationed at a rather large facility. It was very much like a university campus or an industrial park. There were several multistory buildings that were all connected so that they formed a large enclosed square perhaps 900 meters from side to side. The ground was concrete but it was patterned to appear landscaped, and there were small bridges connecting parts.

This was the kind of place where normally hundreds if not thousands of people would be working, but me and my partner had the entire place to ourselves. Each building had a different research focus and different equipment, we both had our own specialization and objectives. It was never clear what we were doing and I never knew which building my partner was going to or what she was doing there, but it didn't matter.

Nothing mattered. We were simply passing the time in a way that was most enjoyable, there was no deadline, there was no oversight, there were no rules or limits. The dream started with me in bed. I think it was on the second or third floor of the west wing. My partner and I had turned a very large room into a living space. One wall was solid glass from floor to ceiling, edge to edge. Through it the entire courtyard was visible.

In the middle of our room there was a single large bed, it was very comfortable. There was a commercial kitchen nearby and bathrooms. I think it might have been the former cafeteria for the entire facility. We'd put up some light dividing walls (just movable panels) otherwise it was an open-plan 'bedroom'. There was also some lab/office equipment in the room, a couple of small rolling tables with chemistry implements and binders, maybe a laptop.

I was rolling around in the clinical looking bed under a rough white blanket, completely comfortable and content, I turned around so that I could look out the window, my partner was walking towards me across the square, she was carrying a folder and was wearing a lab coat. This made me very happy for some reason, I think because I knew I was not alone. I started thinking about getting up and maybe doing some work, but I wasn't sure if I would.

A few minutes later she came in through the back door, I'm not sure if we said anything, honestly it wouldn't have bothered me if she'd totally ignored me. That was the kind of feeling it was throughout the whole dream, a supreme domestic intimacy. A feeling of wholeness, we were two people but our connection was intrinsic, familiar, like brother and sister. We knew each other consummately. We shared this space, this facility, this new reality. We loved it and one another.

We had also been here for a very long time, perhaps decades. Eventually I did get up and by then she had gone again, lost in her work. I picked up a binder off the chemistry table, I think it contained my research notes, I headed for the back door which happened to be the quickest rout to the stairs. These led down to the main entrance of the west wing. I exited the building and started walking leisurely across the courtyard.

A strange helicopter crested the top of the building to my left, the structure was quite high, at least 200 meters or more. This was not like any aircraft I'd ever seen, it was very geometric and box-like, it glided in my direction, flew overhead and then hovered about 100 meters off the ground. Someone was looking through the open door on the side, I could hear them talking into their radio.

They were describing me, saying that they'd found me and even though I'd changed physically I was still the person they had been sent to find. I was not concerned, I felt no hostility and furthermore I felt extremely powerful, as though any threat could be dealt with easily. There was also this same familiar feeling of security in the knowledge that the world had changed so radically, none of the conventional rules applied any longer.

No matter what the people in the helicopter wanted, their time had already passed. They were just an artifact of a world that had left them behind, they didn't realize they had been disconnected and were still trying to carry out a meaningless mission. I kept walking towards my destination, the helicopter gained altitude and sailed off into the distance. That's all I remember, but when I woke up I could still feel the wonderful emotional tranquility and wholesomeness of the dream.

SkyLine: a Modest Proposal

Key aspects vs. other modes of transport:

•SkyLine is a super-science level transportation technology requiring the most advanced engineering on earth.
•SkyLine is in a sense of hybrid of high-speed rail & air travel, possessing the benefits of both but the drawbacks of neither.
•SkyLine has several key components: the "Line", the "Mast", the "Hub", the "Anchor", the "Balloon", the "Gondola"
•SkyLine gondolas travel through the air or 'sky' like aircraft but are bound to a line.
•SkyLine uses braided stainless-steel cables rather than rails to facilitate linear movement.
•SkyLine uses hydraulic telescoping masts and/or elevators to change hub altitude.
•SkyLine is passive and relies on gravity rather than 'propulsion' to move gondolas.
•SkyLine uses a combination of fixed and 'mobile' anchors to create transit lines.
•SkyLine uses anchored lighter-than-air 'balloons' at fixed intervals to keep lines elevated.
•SkyLine gondolas can only travel in one direction at a time per line.
•SkyLine routes are not entirely linear and can move slightly depending on several variables.
•SkyLine balloons are not always anchored, only to the degree that the line is not compromised.

A Consent-centric Universe

What is this? An actual 'neotoy' post? No, impossible! Haha! Surprise: more world-building, you know because 17+ years isn't nearly enough. Although I think this is somewhat of a seminal addition to the pantheon. As the title indicates the topic is all about consent and how it plays a pivotal role in the continuum. First things first:

I've briefly addressed a few of the foundational elements of my world in other posts, and in my more abstract essays I've covered some of the theoretical physics and philosophical influences that shaped my thoughts. Essentially to summarize: 'every atom has free will', 'everything is made out of thoughts', 'denizens are hard-coded to follow rules which they cannot break'.

All of these concepts come together inside a single unified framework, but it will take some explaining to make it comprehensible. The key is consent.

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